April 2, 2010

Southeastern Fight League’s
Hooters Friday Night Fights

Occasionally I get asked- “so who is fighting this Friday night? I really don’t know, fighters are determined by who shows up at weigh-ins at 6:00 PM the night of the fights. I’m not being cocky when I say- “show up and find out!” I’m there but no one is there to see me…

Every week I see fighters enter the octagon for the first time and I see something in the way that they fight that makes me look for them again on the fight card. Sometimes when I interview them, I ask what fighting style or fighting strengths fans should look for as they fight. Some fighters say, I am good at stand up, I throw a powerful punch, and comments of the like. Watching the fights each week, I make my own notes about strengths I see in a fighter.

I like glancing at the fight card and seeing guys returning for another fight, there is something about seeing a fighter advance in his abilities as a fighter and the level of fight that they have in them. Every fighter is unique. As a fighter trains more and more, their skills become more evident.

This past Friday night when I read the fight card – I had to read it twice- Jake Baxley was on the fight card! Jake Baxley, Steve Baxley’s son. Jake as a fighter isn’t how a lot of people see Jake. Jake is a guy in a band, he’s a guy that works the sound at the fight center, he’s a high school student, and he’s a nice guy. But, Jake is also a guy that is always at the dojo, he’s always training; he’s his father’s shadow, eventually Jake let it be known he had some fight in him that wanted to come out. So, what was Steve to do? Put him on the fight card, what else?

Jake Baxley vs. Daniel Swope in the octagon was something to see! It was the only fight of the night that went three rounds. All through the fight the crowd was on the edge of their seats. All eyes were on Jake and Daniel. Daniel trains with Jake, but in the octagon, Jake unleashed the fighter he had inside and all I could say about that fight was, “DANG, that was a fight!!” Steve Baxley was Jake’s corner man, but inside the octagon, it was all Jake. Now we can all know him as, Jake Baxley, MMA fighter. Way to go, Jake!


1. Adam Eaton (from Dothan) 152 lbs. 5’8”
Tarvis Canty (Team Maniacs) 138 lbs. 5’8”
Winner: Tarvis Canty by TKO 1:21 in the first round

2. D.K. Woods (Team Wolfpack) 161 lbs. 5’11”
C.J. Baxter (Team Birdcage MMA, Midland City) 156 lbs. 5’9”
Winner: D.K. Woods by TKO Referee Stopage 2:46 in the first round

3. Daniel Swope (Team Wolfpack) 128 lbs. 5’6”
Jake Baxley (Team Wolfpack) 123 lbs. 5’7”
Winner: Jake Baxley by judges unanimous decision at the end of the third round

4. Justin Sutton (Team Wolfpack) 129 lbs. 5’7”
Brandon German (Team Garcia Boxing Gym) 129 lbs. 5’8”
Winner: Justin Sutton by guillotine choke 1:03 in the 1st round

5. Aaron Salisbury (Team Wolfpack) 148 lbs. 5’8”
Chris Lowman (Team Wolfpack) 156 lbs. 5’11”
Winner: Aaron Salisbury by TKO Referee stopage 2:24 in the 1st round

If you couldn’t make it to fight night and want to see the play by play of these fights, or if you are a fan, the video is available for purchase. Please contact:
Area 51 Computers, 3123 Ross Clark Circle, Dothan, AL 36303.
Ph: (334) 794-2732.

Want to train for MMA? Contact the Wolfpack MMA! Phone: 334 -677-2002
Open call for fighters. For fight information call (334) 794-1150 or visit the web site www.southeasternfightleague.com .

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