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Kevin Christopher

Kevin Christopher & Me

What happens when a champion steps into the Southeastern Fight Center? Well, he gets interviewed of course. I met Kevin Christopher, a professional fighter who has bragging rights for the MMA titles he has won over the years, including being the only American to win the title of Brazil’s MMA “KING OF THE JUNGLE.”

Christopher said, “I was once a Lion's Den member under Ken Shamrock in Chula Vista, California.I later moved to Brazil and trained under the late Carlton Gracie Sr. and earned my purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu..I won the Middleweight title at King of the Jungle 2 in Manaus, Brazil in 2004. I am retired from the military and now living in Thomasville,GA. My profesional record in MMA is 5-2-0 with 5 KO's. 2001 to 2003 formed Team Bad Boy USA (Mixed Martial Arts Team)”

Christopher is teaching at his MMA Combat Academy in Thomasville, GA. He met Steve Baxley at Ubersmash II and has been looking for a venue for his team to compete.

Here are two of his fighters that we will see enter the Southeastern Fight Center's octagon in the future.
Jake "Wolf" Williams & Ezra Griffin

If you live near or in Thomasville, GA and are interested in MMA training contact Kevin Christopher at the  MMA Combat Academy, 206 W. Jackson Street, Thomasville, GA 31792  Ph: 229- 319-9020

Jan. 29, 2010

Fight Card January 29, 2010
Southeastern Fight League’s
Hooters Friday Night Fights

Non-stop rain, thunder and lightning did not stop the fans from traveling from out of state to completely pack the Southeastern Fight Center on the last Friday of January. There were a handful of new fighters that entered the octagon from Bainbridge, GA. Fans were not disappointed that they braved the weather because it was a fantastic night of fights.

Fight #1 Delegal vs. Yeatman was won after 38 seconds in the first round.

Fight #2 Rich vs. Anderson was won in the second round.

Fight #3 Reese vs. Hardin was won after 2:22 in the first round.

Fight #4 Gordon vs. Williams went the full three rounds and was one of the best middle weight fights that have ever been held in the SFL octagon.

Fight #5 Seig vs. Lowman went into 48 seconds into the third round and Lowman surprised everyone when he won by a rear naked choke after the first grueling two rounds.

For the added fight, no one could guess who was stepping into the octagon (as if the fights could not get any better) The excitement was built with the announcer repeating the 8-0 stats of one of the fighters. The big surprise was when the announcer said this “Crouch 8-0 vs. Watkins 11-0”
(you may have noticed Watkins is the referee every other fight night) Neither of them could think of both of them leaving the octagon without a loss on record, there would be a loser. Watkins won after 1:18 in the second round.

Fight #6 Canty vs. Mizell was a rematch from their last meeting in the octagon was announced as a draw.

These fights are full of the unexpected. It doesn't matter if the fight goes for a few seconds or for the full three rounds- it is worth being a spectator in the crowd. New fighters step into the octagon every fight night. I also met some fighters from Thomasville, GA that will be in the Southeastern Fight Center’s octagon in the coming weeks. (see my following post)


1. JD Delegal vs. Leo Yeatman
Winner: JD Delegal

2. Justin Rich vs. Curtis Anderson
Winner: Curtis Anderson

3. John Reese vs. Daniel Hardin
Winner: John Reese

4. Greg Gordon vs. Pedro Williams
Winner: Pedro Williams

5. Matt Seig vs. Chris Lowman
Winner: Chris Lowman

Joey Crouch vs. James Watkins
Winner: James Watkins

6. Tarvis Canty vs. Daniel Mizell
Winner: Daniel Mizell

If you couldn’t make it to fight night and want to see the play by play of these fights, or if you are a fan, the video is available for purchase. Please contact
Area 51 Computers, 3123 Ross Clark Circle, Dothan, AL 36303.
Ph: (334) 794-2732.

The next local fight night will be Friday Febuary 5th 8:00 PM at the Southeastern Fight Center, Brannon Stand Road, Dothan, Alabama.

Open call for fighters. For fight information call (334) 794-1150 or visit the web site www.southeasternfightleague.com .




Ok. So you missed UBERSMASH II? Guess who didn’t??
I didn’t miss UBERSMASH II!! Along with local fighters, Shawn Carthon, Andy Wade, Zach Lassetter and Dray Burch. I wasn’t in the octagon like the fighters, but I did have the opportunity to have a backstage pass to the anticipation, nerves and adrenalin before the fights.

Preparation for the fights is a knot of emotions for the MMA fighters. Mental attitude is 90 % of the fight. It’s the feelings – the rush, the panic and the anxiety – of walking to the Octagon in a MMA professional debut and staring right down the barrel at an opponent with a desire to ground-and-pound your face to mush. Despite that initial fear they entered the octagon, the Wolfpack fighters wanted to make a good first impression and show the world what they can do. I’m sure their opponents went through all the same anxieties. Backstage the fighters have pep talks with their coaches, they get their knuckles wrapped, gloves in place and then they get in the right frame of mind for entering the octagon. I watched the fighters bounce around, throw punches and get pumped with their ipods and mostly chill to go inside their own heads before the fights.

I eased some of the tension distracted fighters before the fight by doing a few video interviews. I interviewed Jeremy Smith, Shane Weinischke, Josh Hancock, Chris Cope, Shawn Carthon, Zack Odom, and Zach Lassetter. I got to ask about ten questions and each fighter spoke of sportsmanship and love for MMA. Video of the fights along with my interviews (technical difficulties happened and the interviews were lost, sorry, I really hated that because the fighters were good sports to participate)can be purchased from
Area 51 Computers, 3123 Ross Clark Circle, Dothan, AL 36303.
Ph: (334) 794-2732.

Ubersmash II was held at The Moon, Talahassee, FL There was a huge crowd. There was not an empty seat in the whole place. I had a great view and saw a few Dothan locals there who also came to support the Wolfpack team. The fighters appreciated local fan's support. It was plain to see by the cheering of the crowd that our guys were the underdogs. I screamed my single voice out for Shawn, Andy, Zach and Dray surrounded by a mob of locals vocalizing their mad love support for local fighters. I have a loud voice and being a single loudmouth cheering for the opposing team in a fight pumped crowd was similar to the feeling of being an alien in a new world. I felt the same anticipation as any fan when their favorite fighter is in the octagon, I screamed, I yelled their names, and I made suggestions of what to do in the octagon. (uh, like I know what a ‘triangle’ is and how to get out of one????)  I know the fighters heard my coaching all the way from my place on the stairs just below the third tier of raging fans. I was in the moment and felt my voice could make the difference, like yelling at the TV during a sporting event, but the difference was I was there live; the Wolfpack was fighting right in front of me. My voice could be heard. To my dismay, I might have well had been across the world, because my words had no impact.

I saw Shawn Carthon loose to a guillotine choke, Andy Wade had to tapout, Zach Lassetter almost made it to round 2 with a little blood loss, and Dray Burch, came to impress at his second time in the professional octagon. When the Wolfpack entered the octagon, I had a sense of pride from watching them locally and then seeing them in the larger arena. That pride continued even with the losses. I am a fan. I feel like they are back at the beginning of their game. They have just begun. They will take a few losses, but it won’t be long before it is a Wolfpack arm that is raised after the match and any or all of the Wolfpack team will be announced as a winner after the professional fight. I hope to be there when it happens. I hope you will be there also to share in the victory. You can also follow along with their careers and stats by looking up their names in the official MMA record finder here on the right.

Shawn, Andy, Zach and Dray-
“the pain of difficulty is nothing like the pain of regret.” - unknown. You all have nothing to regret. Wolfpack fighters entered the octagon at the Moon and did all they could do. For some, they had never been in a professional fight before, it was a scary place. Once you’ve been there, you know that you’ve got to keep pushing and you can change things. You keep going until they break you or knock you out. A fighter can’t train for that; they’ve had to have been through it before. Experience is a great lesson.

During the night other fighters had a much tougher night than the Wolfpack. Other fighters really took a beat down. The fourth fight of the night went three rounds and was an approx. three point win. One other fighter lost by a serious KO. Get a copy of the DVD from Area 51 Computers, 3123 Ross Clark Circle, Dothan, AL 36303.
Ph: (334) 794-2732 and watch it for yourself!

There was excitement each time a pair of fighters stepped into the octagon.
Here is the fightcard for Ubersmash II:

1. Shawn Carthon vs. Lionel Skinner
Winner: Lionel Skinner  by Submission 0:48 in the first round
2. Andy Wade vs.   Mitchell Chamale
Winner: Mitchell Chamale by submission (by rear naked choke) 1:58 in the second round
3. Zach Lassetter vs. Matt Munzey
Winner: Matt Munzey by TKO / RSC at the end of round one
4. Shane Weinsichke vs. Dan Funes
Winner: Dan Funes by Unanimous decision at the end of the third round
5. Ramon Keizman vs. Zack Odom
Winner: Ramon Keizman by submission 0:42 in the first round
6. Josh Hancock vs. Jeremy Smith
Winner: Jeremy Smith by TKO/ RSC 1:11 in the first round
7. Dray Burch vs. Tristian Payne
Winner: Tristian Payne by TKO/ RSC 3:15 in the first round
8. Chris Cope vs. Josh Samman
Winner Josh Samman by KO in the first round.

Losing Ubersmash II was very unfortunate for the Wolfpack and that’s just the way it goes sometimes. The Wolfpack will just move on from it. I know they got straight back into training, working hard and looking forward to another opportunity, to be announced “Winner!”



I realized I have been interviewing a whole lot of Wolfpack team members. There are other local MMA teams that fight at the Southeastern Fight League. Fighters like French – Who started with Team Tallahasse MMA, Peterson- Team Underdog, Reed- Team Konflict, Curtis- Team Revolution and Terry – Team Supreme. {These are just a few I have watched- I know there are more local MMA teams} Each week there are new fighters that want to weigh in and come into the octagon for a match. Teams happen almost overnight or over a plate of hot wings and a beer at Hooters.

Team DSGB (Down South Georgia Boys)
Clarence Smart, Pedro Williams, Josh Serrano

Such a team is DSGB (Down South Georgia Boys)
Clarence Smart fought against Canty Jan. 15th for his first time in the octagon. I thought I would get to know the new fighter a little so I asked him if he fought with a team and he said, “I fight with these guys; they are my team,” as he pointed at the guys sitting at the table with him . (Josh Serrano and Pedro Williams) They did not have a team name, and I stressed that a good team name is important. They questioned a few names and I told them to think it over and let me know by the end of the night.

How did Smart get into this fight? Smart attends Bainbridge College and one of his classmates, Josh Serrano was showing some MMA moves in the gym one day and Smart became interested. He has no MMA training but wanted to learn. Josh Serrano fights MMA and taught him some moves. And not long after he was at a weigh in and fought his first SFL fight.

Clarance Smart

I stopped to talk to Smart before I went home and asked again what team name they came up with and the three of them agreed on DSGB (Down South Georgia Boys). PedroWilliams has a DSGB tattoo on his forearm. So the name was fitting.

The Southeastern Fight League will see more of Team DSGB in the future.

Daniel Mizell - Team Wolfpack

Justin Sutton, Daniel Mizell, Andy Wade - Team Wolfpack

Daniel Mizell 22 yrs. Old 138 lbs. 2-0-1

Q: How long have you been fighting MMA?
Mizell: This is my third SFL octagon fight. I’ve only been in MMA training for two weeks.

Q: Is there someone in the UFC that you admire or aspire to be like?
Mizell: Silva

Q: When you are not fighting MMA what are you doing?
Mizell: Navy reserve, bake cookies, work for a moving company, and UPS.

Q: What is your favorite music?
Mizell: R & B

Q: Where are you originally from and is there anyplace you would like to travel but haven’t?
Mizell: I’m from Dothan, and a place I would like to travel is Japan.

Q: Do you have a hidden talent?
Mizell: Basketball

Q: What makes you angry?
Mizell: Disrespect

Q: What’s your favorite movie?
Mizell: I don’t have time to see many movies but the last movie I liked was Seven Pounds.

Q: Tell me something about you that not everyone knows?
Mizell: I’m a father. Divorced.

Q: What was the last promise you made your mother?
Mizell: That I will marry a nice girl that will be good to me.

Justin Sutton - Team Wolfpack

Justin Sutton
Justin Sutton fought his second fight in the Southeastern Fight League's Octagon and he is 2-0. This was his second Hooter's Friday Night fight, but he is not new to MMA. I caught him after he won his match.

Q: What do you like about fighting MMA?
Sutton: I am a Golden Glove boxer, Alabama State Champion; I like fighting MMA because it has more technique.

Q: What do you hate about fighting MMA?
Sutton: Nothing. I like everything about it. I don’t even mind getting hit.

Q: Are you superstitious, have a ritual before a fight, or do you have a good luck charm?
Sutton: I have my hands wrapped by the same guy. Different people wrap differently.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone interested in fighting MMA?
Sutton: You have to go in all the way, especially when you are in the octagon. You can’t get into the octagon thinking about eating dinner, you have to keep your focus on not losing.

Q: When you are not fighting what do you do?
Sutton: I teach MMA. I am the head instructor at Steve Baxley’s Wolfpack MMA.

Q: Is there a fight you were in that you wish you had not been in?
Sutton: None

Q: Do you have a hidden talent??
Sutton: I’m an artist. I like pencil drawing.

Q: How long have you been fighting?
Sutton: 9 years.

Q: Is there something you like now that you used to not like?
Sutton: Country music

Q: What is the last promise you made your mom?
Sutton: That I wouldn’t join the Army. I broke my promise two weeks later and joined.

Justin Sutton & his mother, Sammi who has a black belt.


Tarvis Canty- Team Wolfpack

tc 1 15 2010.egg  on Aviarytc 1 15 2010.egg on Aviary.

Winner of the first fight of the Southeastern Fight League’s Hooters Friday Night Fights January 15, 2010 was Tarvis Canty. Canty is 19 yrs. Old and has had 4 years of boxing and kickboxing training. At 138 lbs. and his calm demeanor reflect nothing about the threat he is in the octagon. He is 5 –0 – 1 draw.

Q: What do you like about fighting MMA?
Canty: It’s fun.

Q: What do you hate about fighting MMA?
Canty: There isn’t anything I hate about it.

Q: Are you superstitious?
Canty: Nope

Q: How many days do you train?
Canty: I train seven days a week.

Q: What qualities do you strive for being a MMA fighter, or which fighter do you look up to?
Canty: I look up to the other fighters in the Wolfpack.

Q: What kind of music do you like?
Canty: Rap music

Q: Do you want to travel or where would you like to travel?
Canty: One day I would like to go to Hawaii

Q: Does anything make you mad?
Canty: Nope

Q: What other sports do you like?
Canty: I like watching football. My favorite teams are the Florida Gators and Alabama.

Q: What was the last promise you made to your mother?
Canty: That I would stay in school and out of trouble.

JAN 15, 2010


JANUARY 15, 2010

NO FIGHTS at the Southeastern Fight League  FRIDAY JANUARY 22, 2010

Local MMA fighters Andy Wade,Zack Lasseter, and Sean Carthon will be weighing in for their professional fights that will be held the following Sat.night Jan. 23rd.  The Southeastern  Fight League will not hold fights friday night so fans can support these fighters at UBERSMASH II held at The MOON, 1105 E Laffayette Street, Tallahassee, FL

Best of luck to Andy Wade,  Zack Lasseter, and Sean Carthon!


1. Travis Canty Vs. Clarence Smart
Winner: Travis Canty

2. Chris Lowman Vs. Chase Enfinger
Winner: Chase Enfinger

3. Jason Moody Vs. Derek Wagner
Winner: Jason Moody

4. Michael Wyncoop Vs. Matt Sieg
Winner: Matt Sieg

5. Miguel Mellow Vs. Jeremy “Buck” Buckley
Winner: Miguel Mellow

6. Justin Sutton Vs. Daniel Swope
Winner: Justin Sutton

7. Daniel Mizell Vs. Wayne “The Insane” Bennett
Winner: Daniel Mizell