Andy Wade Wolfpack MMA

Photos by Susie Helms
As the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” don’t judge a MMA fighter by a first impression. I met Andy Wade, “The Terror” while he was waiting to get his knuckles wrapped before his fight. Andy is a 19 yr. old who was polite, honest, and well mannered when he answered my questions.  So this well mannered nice guy is a MMA fighter?

First impression of him when he walked into Steve Baxley’s MMA dojo, he did not look like he does today, he had long hair and when he said he could fight, those who heard him wanted him to prove it. Prove it he did.

He cut his hair and now sports about a #1 razor trim all around. His haircut isn’t the only thing sharp about him, on his chest he has a tattoo of “X X X” the three x’s symbolize a straight edge lifestyle. A straight edge is someone who will abstain from drinking alcohol, smoking and illegal drugs, and no pre-marital sex. Don’t underestimate Andy Wade; he is a MMA Wolfpack fighter.

Q: How did you get the nick-name “The Terror?”
Andy: Paul Grise, my trainer, came around and we decided on it tonight.

Q: How long have you been fighting MMA?
Andy: Just a month. This is my second fight.

Q: What is your advice to somebody who wants to be like you and be a MMA fighter?
Andy: Don’t give up.

Q: Are you superstitious? Or do you have a good luck charm?
Andy: I have a lucky bracelet I never take off.

Q: What is your hidden talent?
Andy: I can solve a Rubik’s cube in 1 min. 18 seconds.

Q: How are you feeling about tonight’s fight?
Andy: Nervous

Q: What is one thing that you used to dislike but that you like now?
Andy: Mustard

Q: What did you do today to prepare for tonight’s fight?
Andy: Today, I just showed up and I’m going to try to win.

Q: What is the last promise you made your mother?
Andy: Not to get hurt, I don’t have health insurance.

Q: What is your fighting record? 1-0
Andy Wade “The terror” terrorized his opponent and won his match, 2-0. Andy Wade impressed a lot of people with his performance, and I saw him after the fight, he kept his promise to his mother.   
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