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I have been watching Tyler Bounds in the octagon now for several months. He lost his first couple of fights and kept at his training and started winning . He’s at 3-2. Usually after the fights he’s been hard to catch, but he didn’t fight this last Friday night and I got an interview with him. He’s a Junior at Dothan High School and hopes to one day be famous. He asked me if I would make him famous but I told him he is responsible for his own fame.

Tyler, wishing you the best, good luck!

Q: What do you love about fighting MMA?
TB: Adrenalin

Q: What do you hate about fighting MMA?
TB: Losing

Q: What advice would you give someone that is interested in fighting in the octagon?
TB: Go into training, and know your opponent before you get into the ring.

Q: What is the biggest challenge in your life today?
TB: To graduate High School in 2011.

Q: What kind of MMA training have you had, where did you start?
TB: I started fighting with Team Underdog, but I’ve been fighting all my life. Training in Jui-jitsu, MMA, and boxing.

Q: Have you ever been in a fight you wished that you had not been in?
TB: No, not really. I’ve learned from every fight I’ve been in.

Q: Do you have a unique fighting style?
TB: I prefer stand-up fighting. I really like boxing.

Q: You’re young, have you traveled anywhere and where would you like to travel?
TB: I’ve lived in Europe/ Holland and South Africa, I hope to travel the world.

Q: What is something that you didn’t like but like now?
TB: Stand-up fighting. I was good at grappling but since I’ve been boxing I really like stand-up fighting.

Q: What was the last promise you made to your mom?
TB: That I would graduate High School.

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