Sean Curtis- Team Revolution

Sean Curtis vs. Jason Dean
before the fight prep.

Sean Curtis "The Warrior"

Team Revolution
Sean Curtis and his brother Tyler Schrader

Sean Curtis is a man that doesn’t care to see sand for awhile, he just returned to the United States from Iraq. He said he doesn’t even want to see the beach. Originally from Ohio, he is very personable and said he is not missing the snow up north either. Being in South Alabama is alright with him.

Q:What do you Like / hate about MMA?
Curtis: I like the competition, there really isn’t anything I don’t like.

Q:Who is your hero?
Curtis: Ron Paul

Q: Is there a fight you wished you had not been in or a fight you regret?
Curtis: No, I do regret not doing better in some fights.

Q: Are you superstitious or have a good luck charm or a routine you do before a fight?
Curtis: I pray.

Q: In your career you get to travel, but is there any place you want to go?
Curtis: I will go anywhere in the world when I get the opportunity, there isn’t any one place.

Q: Do you have a hidden talent?
Curtis: I can shoot guns.

Q: What makes you mad?
Curtis: Liberals

Q:With it being close to Christmas, did you have a favorite toy when you were young?
Curtis: Ninja Turtles

Q: What MMA training have you had?
Curtis: Training in Jui-jitsu, & MMA classes now

Q:What was the last promise you made your mother?
Curtis: That I would take care of my younger brother, Tyler. He lives with me and is in high school; good student.

Curtis is very close to his brother, pictured with him above. Friday night his younger brother fought before him and won his match. Sean Curtis is a talented athlete and went two rounds with his opponent in the octagon before winning against Jason Dean.

On a personal note- Thank you to all our Armed Forces and their service. Without them, there wouldn’t be a United States of America- the land of the free. I’m proud to be an American.

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