Daniel Henley
GECF Welterweight Champion

Daniel Henley, the current Gladiator Elite Cage Fighting Welterweight (156-170) Champion was in the crowd at the Hooters Friday Night Fights at the Southeastern Fight Center. He won the title last year fighting Michael Berry. He won by KO 0:48 in the first round. Daniel is currently training for his next fight coming up  May 2010.

When we talked he told me about the grueling training that he endures getting ready for a fight, which includes day long endurance, starting out with a 10 mile run with a 25 lb. vest, tractor tire tossing, lifting car axels and moving them a certain distance and several other obstacles that he had to accomplish within a certain time frame, or he would have to do it all over again… and this is just what he had to go through before he got into the gym for that day’s workout! I saw the pictures from his training. I was impressed. To be a champion, that’s the type of training and dedication it takes; hours of nothing but training from before daylight until long after the sun goes down. Along with the strict dieting and dropping weight; it’s all part of what an ambitious MMA athlete endures.  From what I saw from his training pictures, Daniel is a true Gladiator, just like his title states just from his MMA training endurance alone!

Henley has been fighting MMA for five years.
His record is 8-2 height 5’9” 37 yrs. old

Q: You won your title in Warsaw Indiana, where are you from ?
Henley: I’m a local from the Dothan area.

Q: Describe your first octagon fight and did you win?
Henley: My first amateur fight was against a guy named Chubbs, I won. I choked him out 1:30 in the first round.

Q: Do you have a nickname or a fight name?
Henley: Hurricane

Q: Do you have a hidden talent?
Henley: Not really, I’ve played a lot of sports and excelled at all of them, so I’m multi-sports talented. I like to win.

Q: Is there a fighter you see as a mentor or that you like?
Henley: Urijah Faber WEC “The California Kid”

Q: What area of your fighting do you feel like you have improved the most since your last fight?
Henley: Muay Thai training. My stand-up has improved and I really like throwing kicks and breaking ribs.

Q: Are you superstitious or have a routine that you do before a fight?
Henley: I only have my hands wrapped by certain people.

Q: Are you spontaneous or a planner?
Henley: Spontaneous

Q: What would you be doing if you were not MMA fighting?
Henley: My day job is in heating and cooling, but my dream job would be a Pro. Bass fisherman. I really like to fish.

Q: You’ve traveled all over the U.S. is there any place you want to travel in the future?
Henley: I’d like to travel to London. They have MMA there.

It was great to meet Daniel “Hurricane” Henley. Fans will be watching for his next Gladiator Elite Cage Fighting (GECF) Match coming up in May in Indiana.

Daniel, best wishes for success and holding on to the GECF Welterweight championship title!

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