February 19, 2010


A few weeks ago I met Kevin Christopher owner of the Thomasville Combat Academy.  He and a few of his students came to see the fights.  He said he was bringing his guys to fight in the SFL octagon and friday night was the night. 

Christopher put his guys through a strict training regime to prepare for the fights.  His guys proved that training pays off. Christopher has been training his guys for less than a year and one fighter, Ezra Griffin had been in training for about 6 months. Griffin didn't win his match, but his skills were evident in his fighting ablility.

Each week the fighters that step into the octagon are diverse and vary in ability and skills. I can say that each Friday night is not lacking in a surprise or two.  Friday night the first fight was fast and nasty.  The two were the biggest guys on the fight card; Alexander 233 lbs. Vs.Brenton 237 lbs. Brenton landed a brutal strike 26 seconds in the first round and the KO looked like a giant falling face down to the mat.  Blood pooled underneath his face from the meeeting of fist to face.  It happened so fast, that it was hard to believe that it just happened, from a spectator's view. 

That was not the only surprise of the evening - the Salsbury vs. Harrison fight went three rounds and electrified the crowd. Every time a fight goes three rounds fans know they have just seen a battle. 

Don't miss next Friday night! 

FIGHT CARD Feb. 19, 2010

1. Aaron Alexander (from Eufaula) Vs. Thomas Brenton (Team Thomasville Combat Academy)
Winner: Thomas Brenton by KO 26 seconds in the first round

2. Jonathan Stevens (Team Wolfpack) Vs. Daniel Singletary (Team Thomasville Combat Academy)
Winner: Daniel Singletary

3. Zach Farrington (Team No Mercy ) Vs. Jeremy McDaniel (from Dothan)
Winner: Jeremy McDaniel

4. Aaron Salsbury (Team Wolfpack) Vs. John Harrison (Team Thomasville Combat Academy)
Winner: Aaron Salsbury by judges decision after the 3rd round

5. Shaun Love (Team Climax) Vs. Ezra Griffin (Team Thomasville Combat Academy)
Winner: Shaun Love by TKO 2:11 in the 2nd round

6. Daniel Mizell (Team Maniacs) Vs. Daniel Swope (Team Wolfpack)
Winner: Daniel Mizell by TKO

If you couldn’t make it to fight night and want to see the play by play of these fights, or if you are a fan, the video is available for purchase. Please contact:
Area 51 Computers, 3123 Ross Clark Circle, Dothan, AL 36303.
Ph: (334) 794-2732.

Open call for fighters. For fight information call (334) 794-1150 or visit the web site www.southeasternfightleague.com .

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