Miguel Mello

Miguel Mello

One of my favorite amateur fighters is Miguel Mello. He has stepped into the Southeastern Fight Center's octagon with more experienced fighters, and goes three rounds if the other guy lasts that long. He is very impressive in the octagon with his fighting technique and determination to win. He is one fighter that doesn't look like much of a threat when you see him but he proves he's worthy to wear the gloves every time he steps into the octagon.  I’ve been trying to catch up with Miguel after his last few fights, and he is always on the go. Lady luck shined on me last Saturday night and Miguel answered my ten questions. I’m looking forward to watching his next fight.

Miguel Mello MMA

1. Where are you from?
Mello: Colorado Springs, Colorado. I’ve lived here three years.

2. How old are you?
Mello: 22 yrs. old

3. Do you have a nickname or a fight name?
Mello: Mr. Magoo

4. What do you like/ hate about MMA?
Mello: MMA is a test of strength and brains. I don’t hate anything about it.

5. Are you spontaneous or a planer?
Mello: I’m a planner.

6. Are you superstitious or have something you do before each fight?
Mello: I pray.

7. What is something that you like now that you used to not like?
Mello: Fighting. I used to watch UFC on television and became interested. I just began training Nov. 2009

8. What is your favorite music?
Mello: Rock

9. Who is your favorite MMA athlete?
Mello: Machida & BJ Penn

10. What is the last promise you made your mother?
Mello: That I would stay out of trouble with the law.

Miss Miguel's fight? Or are you a fan? Videos of the fights can be purchased from:
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