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I just viewed Sensei Steve Baxley, Coach Johnny Trawick, Ty Harris, and Ronnie “The Hat” Robinson on Media Trax Studios T.V. show. This was aired and taped 3-13-2010. Watch it here.  

Favorite quote from the interview-
Moving from Boxing to MMA is like going from “Checkers to Chess!” - Johnny Trawick

I am a spectator, but I fully agree with Coach Trawick. When I interview MMA athletes, they often tell me, to be able to win in MMA, you have to be smart enough to get out of any situation that your opponent can put you in. Otherwise, you are left confused and thinking over and over again of what you might have done differently. Week after week I watch guys fight their first fight, loose, train, and come back the next week, loose again, train harder, weigh- in again in a few weeks - and then, WIN. One win doesn't make them stop training, it makes them train harder.  These fighters are ones that have a dedication and love for MMA and want to improve their fighting skills.  The Southeastern Fight League has new fighters weigh-in every week and after a fight, they can create a buzz and makes the fans come back week after week to support them. 

I met Andy Wade about eight months ago and he is in training for his second professional fight.  He's a much stronger fighter than he was when we met.  He's been working on his techniques and I can't wait to see him fight again! GO PRO. FIGHTER - ANDY WADE !!!
Dray Burch, Shawn Carthon, & Andy Wade
Wolfpack MMA Professional Fighters

Training is key to being successful. I’m looking forward to the next professional MMA fight in Talahasssee, FL – Ubersmash III  at the Moon April 24th, 2010. As you may remember, Andy Wade, Shawn Carthon, Zach Lassetter and Dray Burch stepped out of the octagon defeated at Ubersmash II.  I’ve been to the Wolfpack MMA Dojo and I’ve seen these guys in serious training. I’m a fan and if you can, make plans to come to Ubersmash III to support these local pro. MMA fighters.

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