Tarvis Canty- Team Wolfpack

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Winner of the first fight of the Southeastern Fight League’s Hooters Friday Night Fights January 15, 2010 was Tarvis Canty. Canty is 19 yrs. Old and has had 4 years of boxing and kickboxing training. At 138 lbs. and his calm demeanor reflect nothing about the threat he is in the octagon. He is 5 –0 – 1 draw.

Q: What do you like about fighting MMA?
Canty: It’s fun.

Q: What do you hate about fighting MMA?
Canty: There isn’t anything I hate about it.

Q: Are you superstitious?
Canty: Nope

Q: How many days do you train?
Canty: I train seven days a week.

Q: What qualities do you strive for being a MMA fighter, or which fighter do you look up to?
Canty: I look up to the other fighters in the Wolfpack.

Q: What kind of music do you like?
Canty: Rap music

Q: Do you want to travel or where would you like to travel?
Canty: One day I would like to go to Hawaii

Q: Does anything make you mad?
Canty: Nope

Q: What other sports do you like?
Canty: I like watching football. My favorite teams are the Florida Gators and Alabama.

Q: What was the last promise you made to your mother?
Canty: That I would stay in school and out of trouble.

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