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Justin Sutton
Justin Sutton fought his second fight in the Southeastern Fight League's Octagon and he is 2-0. This was his second Hooter's Friday Night fight, but he is not new to MMA. I caught him after he won his match.

Q: What do you like about fighting MMA?
Sutton: I am a Golden Glove boxer, Alabama State Champion; I like fighting MMA because it has more technique.

Q: What do you hate about fighting MMA?
Sutton: Nothing. I like everything about it. I don’t even mind getting hit.

Q: Are you superstitious, have a ritual before a fight, or do you have a good luck charm?
Sutton: I have my hands wrapped by the same guy. Different people wrap differently.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone interested in fighting MMA?
Sutton: You have to go in all the way, especially when you are in the octagon. You can’t get into the octagon thinking about eating dinner, you have to keep your focus on not losing.

Q: When you are not fighting what do you do?
Sutton: I teach MMA. I am the head instructor at Steve Baxley’s Wolfpack MMA.

Q: Is there a fight you were in that you wish you had not been in?
Sutton: None

Q: Do you have a hidden talent??
Sutton: I’m an artist. I like pencil drawing.

Q: How long have you been fighting?
Sutton: 9 years.

Q: Is there something you like now that you used to not like?
Sutton: Country music

Q: What is the last promise you made your mom?
Sutton: That I wouldn’t join the Army. I broke my promise two weeks later and joined.

Justin Sutton & his mother, Sammi who has a black belt.

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  1. Yeah Sutton, I'm gonna keep up with you and always cheering for your success!!! Your boy Martinez "Jersey"