I realized I have been interviewing a whole lot of Wolfpack team members. There are other local MMA teams that fight at the Southeastern Fight League. Fighters like French – Who started with Team Tallahasse MMA, Peterson- Team Underdog, Reed- Team Konflict, Curtis- Team Revolution and Terry – Team Supreme. {These are just a few I have watched- I know there are more local MMA teams} Each week there are new fighters that want to weigh in and come into the octagon for a match. Teams happen almost overnight or over a plate of hot wings and a beer at Hooters.

Team DSGB (Down South Georgia Boys)
Clarence Smart, Pedro Williams, Josh Serrano

Such a team is DSGB (Down South Georgia Boys)
Clarence Smart fought against Canty Jan. 15th for his first time in the octagon. I thought I would get to know the new fighter a little so I asked him if he fought with a team and he said, “I fight with these guys; they are my team,” as he pointed at the guys sitting at the table with him . (Josh Serrano and Pedro Williams) They did not have a team name, and I stressed that a good team name is important. They questioned a few names and I told them to think it over and let me know by the end of the night.

How did Smart get into this fight? Smart attends Bainbridge College and one of his classmates, Josh Serrano was showing some MMA moves in the gym one day and Smart became interested. He has no MMA training but wanted to learn. Josh Serrano fights MMA and taught him some moves. And not long after he was at a weigh in and fought his first SFL fight.

Clarance Smart

I stopped to talk to Smart before I went home and asked again what team name they came up with and the three of them agreed on DSGB (Down South Georgia Boys). PedroWilliams has a DSGB tattoo on his forearm. So the name was fitting.

The Southeastern Fight League will see more of Team DSGB in the future.

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