Jan. 29, 2010

Fight Card January 29, 2010
Southeastern Fight League’s
Hooters Friday Night Fights

Non-stop rain, thunder and lightning did not stop the fans from traveling from out of state to completely pack the Southeastern Fight Center on the last Friday of January. There were a handful of new fighters that entered the octagon from Bainbridge, GA. Fans were not disappointed that they braved the weather because it was a fantastic night of fights.

Fight #1 Delegal vs. Yeatman was won after 38 seconds in the first round.

Fight #2 Rich vs. Anderson was won in the second round.

Fight #3 Reese vs. Hardin was won after 2:22 in the first round.

Fight #4 Gordon vs. Williams went the full three rounds and was one of the best middle weight fights that have ever been held in the SFL octagon.

Fight #5 Seig vs. Lowman went into 48 seconds into the third round and Lowman surprised everyone when he won by a rear naked choke after the first grueling two rounds.

For the added fight, no one could guess who was stepping into the octagon (as if the fights could not get any better) The excitement was built with the announcer repeating the 8-0 stats of one of the fighters. The big surprise was when the announcer said this “Crouch 8-0 vs. Watkins 11-0”
(you may have noticed Watkins is the referee every other fight night) Neither of them could think of both of them leaving the octagon without a loss on record, there would be a loser. Watkins won after 1:18 in the second round.

Fight #6 Canty vs. Mizell was a rematch from their last meeting in the octagon was announced as a draw.

These fights are full of the unexpected. It doesn't matter if the fight goes for a few seconds or for the full three rounds- it is worth being a spectator in the crowd. New fighters step into the octagon every fight night. I also met some fighters from Thomasville, GA that will be in the Southeastern Fight Center’s octagon in the coming weeks. (see my following post)


1. JD Delegal vs. Leo Yeatman
Winner: JD Delegal

2. Justin Rich vs. Curtis Anderson
Winner: Curtis Anderson

3. John Reese vs. Daniel Hardin
Winner: John Reese

4. Greg Gordon vs. Pedro Williams
Winner: Pedro Williams

5. Matt Seig vs. Chris Lowman
Winner: Chris Lowman

Joey Crouch vs. James Watkins
Winner: James Watkins

6. Tarvis Canty vs. Daniel Mizell
Winner: Daniel Mizell

If you couldn’t make it to fight night and want to see the play by play of these fights, or if you are a fan, the video is available for purchase. Please contact
Area 51 Computers, 3123 Ross Clark Circle, Dothan, AL 36303.
Ph: (334) 794-2732.

The next local fight night will be Friday Febuary 5th 8:00 PM at the Southeastern Fight Center, Brannon Stand Road, Dothan, Alabama.

Open call for fighters. For fight information call (334) 794-1150 or visit the web site www.southeasternfightleague.com .

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